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Spice up your winter grilling menu with these must have appetizers

Spice up your winter grilling

Here at Delta Heat, we love to grill year round — even in the colder months. While it may require a bit of additional prep work and pre-heating, there’s nothing like those fresh-off-the-grill flavors.

We gathered some of our favorite crowd-pleasing grill recipes to inspire your winter menu and take advantage of seasonal flavors. These apps will truly take your grill (and palate) to the next level!

Nothing says winter like the perfectly nutty, buttery flavors of squash. These Herbed + Grilled Butternut Squash and Grilled Acorn Squash Wedges are a savory and sweet melt-in-your-mouth treat.

If you think you don’t like Brussels sprouts then you haven’t tried this Grilled Brussels Sprouts Bacon Weave. These Brussels are weaved into bacon, garlic, and lemon and then crisped to perfection on the grill.

Opposites attract in this delicious winter appetizer. These Spicy Honey Glazed Chicken and Sweet Potato Kebabs juggle a delicately sweet honey glaze with a robust spicy rub perfectly and come together in just 30 minutes.

Earthy and full of flavor, this Grilled Artichoke with Lemon Garlic Aioli recipe is a delicious crowd-pleaser. Serve with crusty bread and cheese for the ultimate starter.